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  • Manuka Calendula Facial Cleansing PowderManuka Calendula Facial Cleansing Powder

    Manuka Calendula Facial Cleansing Powder

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    An ultra-gentle, preservative-free cleanser that soothes, softens, deep cleans AND doesn’t strip skin of its natural lipids? We say yes please!

    A little goes a long way with powder cleansers - this bottle contains approximately 80 washes. Being free of water means there’s no need for preservatives or “fillers”. Hence, every ingredien...

  • Rescue Remedy SalveRescue Remedy Salve

    Rescue Remedy Salve

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    Rescue Remedy is a versatile healing salve for vulnerable and inflamed skin. Blended with essential oils of East Indian sandalwood and myrrh, in a base of soothing calendula and shea butter, it glides onto skin effortlessly and leaves a protective barrier, bringing relief to dryness and irritation.

    To use, dampen skin with water and gently pat dry before applying the salve to lock in ...

  • Argan & Camellia Seed Facial OilArgan & Camellia Seed Facial Oil

    Argan & Camellia Seed Facial Oil

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    Minimize fine lines and improve the tone and texture of your skin with Organic Argan & Camellia Seed Facial Oil. Argan oil is believed to contain saponins and twice as much vitamin E as olive oil, softening skin and aiding hydration.


    Did You Know? Moroccan Argan oil is produced from the kernels of its plant, and considered to be one of...

  • Sacha Inchi & Chia Facial OilSacha Inchi & Chia Facial Oil

    Sacha Inchi & Chia Facial Oil

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    Sacha Inchi & Chia Facial Oil has excellent moisture-balancing and skin smoothening properties that work to build skin's natural defence against inflammation, making it ideal for eczema, psoriasis and acne-prone skin. The combination of Sacha Inchi & Chia is high in antioxidants and phytonutrients, beneficial for slowing down the signs of aging.

    Light in texture and absorbs easily int...

  • Nourish Me Face MoisturizerNourish Me Face Moisturizer

    Nourish Me Face Moisturizer

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    A delicate, day moisturizer formulated with organic aloe vera, rosehip oil, shea and cocoa butters to ensure your skin gets the nourishment and moisture-protection it needs. Mildly scented with essential oils of immortelle and chamomile german, its gentle composition is suitable for vulnerable and sensitive skin.


    Ingredients: purified w...

  • Harmony Balancing Body LotionHarmony Balancing Body Lotion

    Harmony Balancing Body Lotion

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    Taking care of the home and kids can leave its toll on your skin. Harmony Balancing Body Lotion replenishes lost lipids, bringing back hydration and suppleness to your skin. Using a blend of geranium, clary sage, and bergamot oils, its harmonious scent helps to balance moods and instill a sense of well-being.


    Ingredients: purifie...