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  • Awaken Aromatherapy RollieAwaken Aromatherapy Rollie

    Awaken Aromatherapy Rollie

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    With an enlivening herbaceous scent and hints of cheerful citrus, Awaken helps start your day on the right foot by creating a lightened mood, bringing your senses to the forefront. An uplifting aroma especially helpful for that mid-day lull.

    To Use: Dab a little on your wrists or behind your ears.


    Ingredients: fractiona

  • Ultrasonic Wooden Mist Diffuser 250mlUltrasonic Wooden Mist Diffuser 250ml

    Ultrasonic Wooden Mist Diffuser 250ml

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    This BPA-free ultrasonic diffuser uses high-frequency sound vibration to release ultra fine essential oil particles into the atmosphere, allowing your body to reap the most benefits through the olfactory system. Add 5 to 8 drops of your favourite essential oil blend to tepid water.

    Two modes for mist adjustment - interval and continuous. Turns off automatically when water level is low

  • Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil - OrganicLavender Bulgarian Essential Oil - Organic

    Lavender Bulgarian Essential Oil - Organic

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    Botanical Name: lavandula angustifolia
    Extraction Method: steam distillation
    Country: Bulgaria
    Scent Notes: sweet, floral aroma with woody undertones

    This oil needs no introduction. Lavender is the most widely used essential oil in the world for its myriad benefits. Commonly used for aiding sleep and relaxation, heal

  • Lavender Facial TonerLavender Facial Toner

    Lavender Facial Toner

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    Lavender Facial Toner softens and refreshes the skin, aids wound healing and disinfects acne pimples. Excellent for regenerating skin's epidermis, its purifying quality makes it particularly suitable as a cleansing toner for all skin types. Simply spritz onto face after cleansing and pat in.


    Try It: Spray onto pillows and linen before bed time to aid sleep.

  • Anti-Mozzie Repellant SprayAnti-Mozzie Repellant Spray

    Anti-Mozzie Repellant Spray

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    Anti-Mozzie Repellant Spray is a natural, non-toxic and effective repellant against pesky mosquitoes and bugs. Made with botanically-derived ingredients, this formula containing a synergistic essential oil blend is skin-safe, DEET-free and doesn't dry your skin out.

    To Use: Spray generously onto exposed skin area. Do not rub in. Re-apply every hour or when necessary.